January Homeware Haul!

January is the time for new beginnings and over the past few weeks, my parents have decided that they really "need" to re-decorate the entire house... but luckily for me this includes my bedroom! I am still due to paint my room, but I really wanted to share some of the things which I have recently bought for my room.

I am going to paint my room a light grey colour, but I really want to throw in some yellow furnishings, to brighten it up. I bought this bedding set from Next. It cost £38 but came in a pack with two duvet sets, which worked out at £19 each! Next's bedding range is so gorgeous, and the quality of it is amazing. I also bought both of these grey cushions from B&M Bargains for £5.99.

As well as the grey and yellows, I have also added hints of copper and this is a running theme in my house. My Mum is absolutely obsessed with copper, and it is seriously rubbing off on me! I purchased this marbled weekly desk planner from Sainsburys for £3.50. I also purchased the copper paperclips and binder clips from Sainsburys, and they cost £2 each. Not only are they excellent for planning my week out, but they make my desk look good! Check them out HERE!

This is an absolute steal that I found in B&M Bargains for £4.99. It is a copper wire bin, however, you could use it for any sort of storage. I bought two, one to be used as an actual bin, and the other to tidy up my shoes. They just look super modern, and I love them!

Focusing on the lights here, I bought these copper wire lights from Primark for £3. I have placed them around my perfume stand, and when they're turned on, they make my perfume collection look lovely. They also wrap really well around items, so would be great around curtains poles or around a metal bed. Check them out HERE.

Okay, a little less aesthetically pleasing, but my New Years resolution was definitely to become more organised. That's a lot easier said than done, but I found adding a cork board to my room has allowed me to add letters which are important. I can also write myself little memos, reminding me to do things. Having this board as helped me so much, as any important documents get pinned to the board, so I don't lose them. I purchased mine for £4 from a local stationary shop, but you can also find them in Home Bargains.

What would a blog post even be like without mentioning a new candle purchase! I found this Simply Home by Yankee Candle in B&M Bargains, and had to buy it. They were selling this last year in Asda, and I remember being obsessed with this scent, so I was genuinely gutted when I heard they had discontinued it. I know... life is so hard sometimes! HA. Anyways, I was super happy when I saw this in B&M! It adds such a lovely summer scent to my room, and looks fab, too!

That's my homeware haul... let me know how your room is decorated! Thank you for reading my post! XO