Luxury Christmas Gift Guide For Her - Over £50!

I've been feeling super Christmas-y today. I've already made a gift guide post for him and her, which includes gifts under £10, but this post is for the big spenders. Even if you're on a budget, sometimes it's nice to splash out for that special someone. So, here is the best luxury gifts, for over £50!

A Pandora Bracelet

Okay, so we all know on Christmas eve you can pass your local Pandora shop and see a queue of men trying to find last minute gifts for their significant other... but you really cannot go wrong with a Pandora bracelet. You can find a huge range of charms too, and you can build a customised bracelet. I bought my Mum a Pandora bracelet, and every Christmas I add a charm which is significant to the year we've had. For example, this Christmas, I'm going to add a dog's paw print charm because our dog passed away in August. The bracelet set above is £155, and can be found HERE, but you can find much more affordable gifts on their website if you have a smaller budget!

Watch OUT

Watches can be fab gifts for Christmas, and come in a ton of price ranges, which are suitable for any budget. I received the Michael Kors watch (pictured above) last year and I nearly cried. It was such a lovely watch to receive, and is versatile as I can wear it with any outfit. This Michael Kors watch retails at £154, but you can find a ton of deals for top quality watches online at Watchshop!

Liz Earle Superskin Skincare Set

Okay, so I made a whole post about the BEST beauty gifts this year (definitely check that one out) so I won't dwell too much on this. But this gift set from Liz Earle is fab for a skincare lover! It retails at £90, but is worth over £115, and is perfect to get your favourite lady through the dry, winter months. Buy it online at Liz Earle !

One For The Chocoholics!

As much as health gurus like to disagree, Christmas IS the time for over-indulgence! Why not splash on this super Chocolate-y hamper for the lovely lady in your life? This one is priced at £69.99, but is worth over £90, and you can find it online at Thorntons. You could also go a little more personal and find out the favourite treats that your loved ones enjoy and create your own hamper, if you're on a smaller budget!

Grab Your Purse!

This purse is definitely one for my Christmas list, and is from Ted Baker. I think a lovely purse can be such a luxury Christmas gift, and this one comes in a variety of different colours to choose from, and can be found online at House Of Fraser! It retails for £79 and is genuine leather.

Jo Malone London Christmas Candle

PLEASE look away if you're on a budget, because this is one for the big spenders and is a super luxury item. Jo Malone London releases such gorgeous gift sets every year. This year, they've definitely topped their Christmas gift design, and the packaging as to die for! This gift pictured above is a super sized luxury candle, which retails for... £290. Yes I know, it's a candle. But it is Christmas, and if you're splashing out you may as well go hard or go home! This candle can be found on Jo Malone's site along with a selection of other gifts, which are MUCH cheaper than this!

Thank you for reading this post, and I'll be back with another gift guide soon. Follow me on Pinterest if you can! XO



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