How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

I'm writing this blog post after work. I'm tired and the weather is so dreary outside, and it definitely does not look a lot like Christmas. So, to cheer myself up, I have been sat thinking of ways that I can get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas is less than three weeks away and it's time to don your favourite Santa hat!

Watch A Christmas Film!

This is a super simple and inexpensive way to get yourself into the Christmas spirit. Hop on to Netflix (or even YouTube for the old classics) and search for your favourite Christmas film. My favourite is Elf, as it's a timeless classic, and I also adore The Grinch. Little Taylor Momsen was just so cute!

Dance Away!

Another free way to bump up your Christmas cheer is to play some Christmas tunes. Mariah's song is a classic, and you can find a huge selection of free Christmas playlists to listen to, on YouTube. They will definitely cheer you up! Look out for a future post from me, as I will be creating a fab Christmas playlist of my favourite festive songs.

Bake Some Treats

There are a TON of amazing Christmas recipes online to get you into the Christmas spirit. These Christmas tree shaped brownies look super yummy! Check out the recipe from DELISH, HERE!

Visit The Coke Truck

It isn't Christmas until you see the TV advert of the Coca Cola truck, and now see it in person for free! You will also get a free mini can of coke, of your choice! Here is the truck visiting my town last year and check HERE for the dates when it will be near you!

Look At Lights!

It doesn't cost much to drive around your local neighbourhood and look at other people's Christmas lights. Even visiting your Christmas town's light switch on can be a fab, and inexpensive way, to spend your evening. Add some Christmas tunes and you'll be cheery in no time! This photo is of a house in Toronto, but I just HAD to share. Now that's some effort!

Visit The Christmas Markets!

Okay, so this will not be cheap, but it is a super way to enjoy good Christmas food and music, if you have a little extra cash to spare. There are a ton of Christmas markets which happen all over the UK throughout December, but my favourites are the Glasgow (pictured above) and Edinburgh markets. The food (and maybe alcohol) is absolutely lush, and you end up feeling as stuffed as Santa. Check out the dates for a market near you!

Check Out Church

I feel like these days, no one stops for a minute and realises that Christmas is actually about religion and not about presents! I used to love carol singing at my local church, and this year I intend to spend Christmas Eve evening at my local church! There's nothing better than belting out Christmas hymns on Christmas eve.

Snuggle Up!

And, if all else fails, grab a blanket and snuggle up! Just remember... it's nearly Christmas!



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