How To Deal With Dry Skin!

Winter is well and truly here, and this year, I've been suffering with extremely dry skin! My skin is usually problematic, and is mostly on the oily side with a few blemishes. Over the past month, my skin has done a complete u-turn and become extremely dry to the point were (TMI ALERT) it is literally peeling off! So if you're suffering with winter skin issues, I've come up with a few tips!

Develop A Three Step Routine

If you want to really take care of your skin, you need to develop a quick skincare routine. That can be difficult if (like me) you work long days, and cannot be bothered to faff about with skincare products, at 5am. Try developing your own "three step routine", which consists of your favourite cleanser, toner and moisturiser. This way, you're using three essential products, and using less time. I'm a massive fan of the Liz Earle Daily Essentials set, as each product works great with my skin.

Scrub Up

If your skin is dry to the point where it's peeling, you need to exfoliate with a gentle facial scrub. This will remove dirt and dead skin cells, and if you're applying your make up, will provide a smooth base. My favourite is the Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It exfoliater. The crystals inside are tiny, and so gentle on your face, plus it smells absolutely divine!

Add A Drop Of Oil

Using oil on your face can be super scary! Replenishing your skin with any essential oils that may have been lost through out the day, can help to restore it back to it's original state. Side note, only use this method on dry patches and not oily areas, if you have combination skin! The Body Shop's Vitamin E Oil in Serum is a great oil to use, and I actually mix this in with my moisturiser, just to give my skin a little bit of an extra boost.

Use A Mask?

Okay, so that's mean. But seriously, use a super hydrating face mask. I 100% recommend the Lancome Hydra Intense mask. It is a super hydrating gel mask, that smells like you're at a spa! This mask is a little expensive, and you can find much cheaper masks on the market. However, if you have dry skin avoid using charcoal or peel off face masks, as these may dry your face out more!

Hydrate From The Inside

Common sense really, but make sure you're staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. I am definitely guilty of not drinking enough fluids through out the day, and I honestly do believe that good hydration definitely helps to keep my skincare problems at bay!

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