Sunday Night Pamper Routine!

Having a day off on a Sunday is a rare occurrence for me, so when it does happen, I grasp it with both hands and make the most of it! On Sundays, I love to have a pamper to get ready for the week ahead, and de-stress. So here is my favourite products which I use to pamper myself!

Skincare First!

My skincare routine is incredibly important to me, and I have to take it seriously to prevent epic breakouts. You'll know by now that I use the Liz Earle Daily Essentials, and I absolutely love it. First, I use the cleanser to wipe off any dirt.

I then apply my favourite face mask of the moment, which is the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Detox Mask. It is a heated mask, so makes you feel like you're getting a spa treatment at home. It is also super inexpensive! Once I've wiped that off, I apply a toner. At the minute I'm using a L'oreal toner, which is also super inexpensive, and works well with my skin. Finally, I use a Early Defence Eye Cream by No 7, to get rid of the giant bags under my eyes!

Lather On The Lotion!

Now that the winter months are here, there's nothing more I enjoy than lathering my skin in lotion. After showering, I apply the Nuxe Dry Oil to my chest and arms, as this oil is gentle on my skin. I then use the Ted Baker body lotion on my legs. I also LOVE the Soap and Glory range, and really love their foot cream. I like to massage this into my aching feet, when they're suffering from long shifts! Lastly, I use Soap and Glory's Helping Hands, which is very rich hand cream, to really replenish the oils lost from washing my hands so much!

Care About Your Hair

Once my hair is washed, I leave it to air dry for a half hour before spraying it with Lee Stafford's Heat Protection spray. I then use Bed Head's Small Talk hair cream to boost the volume in my hair, before blow drying my hair. I usually straighten my hair, then apply Bed Head's After Party to smooth the ends of my hair. This product is a holy grail, and I could not live without it, plus it smells divine!

Time To Chill

Once I'm done with my hair, I grab a blanket and a hot water bottle, and sit down to a film or TV programme. Tonight I'm watching The Missing, which is currently on BBC Iplayer, and I'm obsessed with it!

And a Sunday evening would not be complete without some lovely candles. Tonight I'm burning my favourite scent Snowflake Cookie by Yankee Candle and Vanilla Frosting by Simply Home. I just love candles, and they make me feel super cosy on a cold night!

Thank you reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. What is your favourite pamper product? Comment below! XO



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